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Life Empowered Institute was founded when Tom and Kathy recognized the need to provide individuals with more than just great information, but to teach, coach and guide individuals with a proven process. We joined forces with the Proctor Gallagher Institute as Certified Thinking Into Results Consultants, and in the process we created our company Life Empowered Institute (LEI).

We are dedicated and focused on helping individuals around the the globe find greater results both personally and professionally through shifting and changing the way one looks at themselves and life. LEI programs are based on over half a century of research and the experience of some the world’s greatest thought leaders on the subjects of success, leadership, transformation and positive psychology. Life Empowered Institute is centered in providing a practical design that brings deep transformation and change to your life; not just events that motivate you.

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Upcoming Live Events


Upcoming Live Events


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TIR Program

Thinking Into Results is a world-renowned transformational program, proven to help you achieve amazing results, while becoming the best version of you. This program has helped millions of people change their lives forever. If you have a desire to make something happen in your life, then this is for you!

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TIR For Business

Fewer than one-third of the workforce worldwide are fully engaged when they arrive at work. Ineffective leadership is proven to be a key contributor to both low engagement and low productivity in the workplace. Our program Thinking Into Results® Corporate is helping organizations send people home at the end of the day energized by what they were able to contribute at work.

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Coaching Training

If you’d like to find new purpose in life—helping people create a limitless life. And wake up each day excited to learn and grow as a person and as a business owner, we will show you how to do it. Step by step by step.

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For Veterans

Our programs help veterans returning home, military families and first responders in developing the mindset and skills to shape a promising future. It is time to look ahead, set goals and regain your sense of purpose.

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Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher on TIR

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​”It is truly an honor to have you both in my life. You have brought belief and integrity in myself and for this I have no words to express my gratitude, it is as they say ineffable.”

Kristopher G.

​”Tom and Kathy have so much passion about touching and changing lives. Their knowledge and intuition guides us and help us discover so much. My life is truly blessed by their friendship, love and inspiration.”

Joy J.

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