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Teacher – Mentor – Body Centered Practitioner – Retreat Leader – Author

Kathy has been active in the profession of massage therapy & bodywork since 1991. She has lived as an entrepreneur for over 20 years, working in private practice, creating a mind-body healing center, and developing her continuing education business. She is the founder of 4 Rivers Center for Well Being in Oconomowoc WI, Ethical Dimensions and the co-creator of Life Empowered Institute. She is a body-centered Hakomi practitioner and regular contributor to MASSAGE Magazine. Kathy offers courses in Ethics as Right Use of Power, Self Leadership, Somatic Awareness and Embodied Spirituality.

Kathy is currently a Thinking Into Results® consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She feels deeply grateful and blessed to have been mentored by Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the biggest names in prosperity thinking and personal development. Thinking Into Results is the platform of Kathy’s teaching and mentoring; a program that is anchored in real results and timeless truths.

Kathy’s story is filled with peaks and valleys, while overcoming major obstacles in her young life. She was filled with doubt, fear and low self-esteem. She continued moving forward with her steadfast and independent spirit. As she began to find and recognize her true potential, she noticed there were many others living a life of doubt, fear and limited thinking. Kathy has learned there are no mistakes, only lessons. Our human life is one big classroom. We all have deep reservoirs of potential within us. “Our essence is spirit, and spirit is always for expansion and growth. Something in you is always seeking growth.” This basic truth serves us only when we put action into what we know.

Kathy has a deep commitment in making a meaningful difference in people’s lives by elevating the quality of one’s thinking, believing, understanding and awareness. Her leadership is dynamic, inspiring, engaging and transformational. She will inspire, guide and challenge you to live an empowered life.

Richness is who you become as you journey toward what you want!

If you are passionate about transformational learning and how to achieve growth, greater results and increase your overall contribution to the world please join Kathy on this magnificent journey of greater freedom, flow and fulfillment in your life!

“The cave I fear to enter; holds the treasure I seek.”
Joseph Campbell

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