UW-Milwaukee – Trio Program – Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)

Tom is currently providing his coaching programs through the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Trio Program – Veterans Upward Bound.


Special Offerings Just For:

  • Veterans
  • Active Military Members
  • Military Spouses & Families
  • Military Communities

Your Well-Being And Success Is Our Mission.

Life Empowered Institute honors and recognizes those that have served our country. We are grateful for your service. Your well-being and success is our mission.

Tom and Kathy, the founders of Life Empowered Institute are both veterans. We recognize the sacrifice you have given and are dedicated to supporting you on your path of mind-body health and well-being.

Our programs offered through Life Empowered Institute support both veterans and active duty personnel in developing the mindset and self-leadership skills to shape a promising future. It is time to look ahead, set goals and regain your sense of purpose.

What matters most in your life?

Thinking Into Results Is An Inner Journey – Not A Motivational Program.

Thinking Into Results is about teaching you how to think in order to live a full life of happiness, meaning and prosperity. It is an introspective process that causes you to examine your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs and how they directly impact your results.

Find greater results both personally and professionally!

It is time to dream again. It is time to look forward to the future. We help you get to the core of what you truly want to do for your career, your life and your family.
Why do you struggle with doing things you know you have to and want to do? We will teach you the skills to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.
Learn how to stay in charge of your thoughts, mind and feelings…regardless of your environment or circumstances.
We will provide you with individual and group support opportunities, as well as the skills to form your own accountability community.
We teach you to utilize your higher mental faculties to help you overcome fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.
Our 6-month coaching system functions as an awakening to expose participants to this life-altering process and teach them the world-class level of emotional competence and psychological performance. We further facilitate this transformation over time through a home-based video training with personal, one-on-one coaching sessions.

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