Why Thinking Into Results® Corporate?

Fewer than one-third of the workforce worldwide are fully engaged when they arrive at work. Ineffective leadership is proven to be a key contributor to both low engagement and low productivity in the workplace.

​​Thousands of companies and organizations worldwide of all sizes and across a variety of industries have chosen to partner with Proctor Gallagher Institute – Thinking Into Results®; because of the effectiveness of our proven systemic approach to developing individual, leaders and corporate leadership that work together. Proctor Gallagher Institute-Thinking Into Results® has been blessed for over 57 years with the privilege of helping leaders learn the skills necessary for effective and productive leadership. Their willingness to improve, along with their impact upon those they lead, have a positive effect on company productivity and personal growth.

​Our program Thinking Into Results® Corporate is helping organizations send people home at the end of the day energized by what they were able to contribute at work. Employees want to do great work, and this is more likely to happen if they have an extraordinary leader.

Thinking Into Results® is a unique and unparalleled program, like no other in the personal, leadership development industry. This program is proven to get results that increase productivity and profits.

Using a unique combination of training, coaching and mentorship we will develop your people into highly effective, productive individuals, teams and leaders. To achieve the results you seek, we implement a proven results focused approach to individual development to fit any company or leadership challenge.

Thinking Into Results® builds stronger employee relationships, employee loyalty, effective productive teams/departments all working together to meet the organization’s goals.

Most leaders are promoted into leadership roles because they are high-performing individual contributors. The challenge for leaders is this: doing and leading are very different. Thinking Into Results® solves what we refer to as “The Knowing-Doing Gap”.

Using a unique combination of training + coaching + program facilitation, TIR develops your people – into highly effective, individuals, teams and productive leaders, by teaching “HOW” to THINK vs “WHAT” to THINK.

To achieve the results you seek, we offer steady-progress-over-time approaches or customized services to fit any situation.

Thinking Into Results® – Employee and Leadership development will get your executive team, front line leaders, middle management, and team players working together, getting the results you desire.

​Thinking Into Results – Increase Your Growth | Profits

Corporate Executives, business owners that have implemented Thinking Into Results® have increased their profits by billions of dollars, from some the largest companies in the world to individual entrepreneurs.

Thinking Into Results® brings flexibility to match your goals within your budget and time constraints through:

  • Online Module Learning
  • Online Course Materials
  • Participant’s Guide
  • Online or Onsite TIR Facilitation​

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